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Professional NRA Certified Firearms Instruction.

Professional personal security consulting and firearms training from instructors with over 20 years of experience in personal security, firearms, and marksmanship training.  We provide concierge style service to fit your busy schedule.  Discretion is assured.

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What does W2TF do?

W2 Training & Firearms provides personal consulting, training and products to satisfy your personal security needs.

How does W2TF do it?

W2 Training & Firearms meets your personal security needs by providing a wide variety of services.  Those services include training ranging from basic to advanced personal protection skills with pistols, rifles & shotgun.  We also share strategies to mitigate your probability of becoming a victim of crime across your daily responsibilities and for the whole family.  That includes helping you and your family be safer at home, work, while traveling, at school and even on the internet.

Where & When?

W2 Training & Firearms offers it services in the classroom, at your home, office or on the range.  Most importantly we provide many opportunities to provide those services when your schedule supports it.  We primarily serve South Florida from Miami through Ft. Lauderdale & West Palm Beach.  We also serve the Fort Benning and Columbus Georgia areas.

Who is W2TF?

W2 Training & Firearms instructors are NRA Certified Instructors of both sexes.  They have over 40 years of cumulative firearms experience including training thousands of our soldiers in the wide variety of firearms our military uses.  Our instructors attend additional training yearly to increase and maintain their skills.

Why W2TF?

W2 Training & Firearms recognizes that everyone’s needs and how they learn is different.  While we pray no one will need the skills we share it’s best to have them and not need them than need them and not have them.  Trusting you and your family’s safety to us is a tremendous responsibility we take very personally.  That’s why we strive to provide concierge style instruction to our clients that most importantly emphasizes safety but also informs and satisfies their needs.  If discretion is a concern, we are your firearms training source.


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