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When & Why NOT to Confront a Home Break In By Will Rodriguez

Dec 30, 2016

  Much has been written on how to react to an intruder in your home.  A lot of it is great stuff and I personally abide by much of the proactive approach/philosophy.  Not enough has been written about staying in place during a break in and I’m not talking about the anti-gun, rely on the […]

TCM TAC Ultra Mid Size High Capacity Combo Review by Will Rodriguez

Dec 22, 2016

Rock Island continues to plow new ground with the venerable 1911.  That’s a tough task with a gun that has a 100+ year history.  Rock Island doubles down on the innovation by introducing not only a dual caliber pistol but also chambering it with their potentially breakthrough 22 TCM round, a round that could be […]

Situational Awareness, Starting One’s Personal Security By Will Rodriguez

Dec 22, 2016

There is an appropriately growing interest in America’s citizenry for information to better protect oneself and family in the home.  The sources and variety of information out there creates a daunting and overwhelming environment.  This and the following essays will serve as a starting place to begin one’s search for knowledge or tweak one’s already […]

TCM ROCK Standard FS HC Combo – 22TCM/9mm Review by Will Rodriguez

Dec 19, 2016

TCM ROCK Standard FS HC Combo – 22TCM/9mm Review by Will Rodriguez When it comes to guns it’s hard to be innovative with the myriad of choices out there.  The task becomes near insurmountable when you tackle the venerable 1911 chassis and simultaneously create a brand new round.  You have to hand it to Rock […]

Welcome to the W2TF Blog

Dec 09, 2016

Hi! As my inaugural piece here I wanted to say hello and explain our goals for this section of the W2TF site.  W2TF is a personal security consulting and training entity.  Often training and firearms businesses offer their services and expertise without explaining their overall context or goal besides providing folks training. Here at W2TF […]

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