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Drill Session

Pricing Information: $100 - $200

Course Information:

W2TF Drill Sessions are two to three hour sessions focused on one aspect of defensive shooting.  Ammo requirements are dependent on the drill session selected and can range from 150 to 400 rounds.  Ask.

Below are a list of the developed drill sessions you can select from.  Since the focus of al our sessions are self-defense situations we always start off with a cold shoot exercise to assess our ability to defend ourselves from a cold start.  Criminals are not likely to schedule their assault immediately after you come home from the range.  W2TF drill sessions provide the shooter much needed exercises and opportunities to assess where they are, improve at that moment on the range and be equipped to practice those skills later.  After your session you will receive a copy of the course of fire to practice on your own.

Potential Drill Subjects: (rounds supplied by student/Drill fee)

Stationary Defensive Shooting      150 rounds/$100
Everyday Carry Drill I                       150 rounds/$100
Everyday Carry Drill II                      150 rounds/$100
Carjacking Defense                          200 rounds/$150
Shooting from Retention & w/multiple assailants              200 rounds/$150
Shooting on the Move                     200 rounds/$150
Strong/Weak Hand Shooting         150 rounds/$100
Malfunction/Reloading Drills         150 rounds/$100
Limited Visibility                               200 rounds/$100
Using Cover                                      150 rounds/$100
Multiple Assailants                           200 rounds/$150
Fighting from the Ground & Up    200 rounds/$150
Hostage, Shoot/No Shoot, People in Close Proximity      150 rounds/$200

Range fees are not included (estimated $35).

Packing List:
Hat with brim and weather/shooting appropriate clothing
Safe & functioning pistol in .380 or greater caliber
At least one spare magazine and carrier (more mag & pouches highly recommended)
Hard shell strongside hip holster

Prereq:  The techniques we teach are meant for law abiding citizens.  A concealed carry permit/license or background check are required.  Firearms training experience required or undergo a W2TF assessment.*  Ask for details.  Highly recommended students take our “How to Draw from a Holster” class if they have never had formal instruction.

Request Information:

Drill Sessions

  • I would like a Drill Session. I understand a session is two hours long. I will be invoiced separately. Range fees, ammunition and gun rentals are not included. I will note specific drill subjects and dates available in the notes section below. (If I do not I will be contacted to coordinate those details.)
  • See calendar page for class dates, or specify date for private course.
  • We will e-mail you an invoice for the class fee