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Florida Concealed Weapons License Class

Pricing Information: 3-4 hrs - $60

Course Information:

Florida Concealed Weapons License Class: In accordance with Florida requirements, ALL of our firearms training courses qualify the student to apply for a Florida Concealed Weapons License (FLCWL). Don’t be fooled. While many places will give you a “Florida Concealed Carry” course for less they won’t teach you more.

Our class runs three to four hours depending on how quickly you learn. Our primary concern is ensuring you learn how to safely handle a pistol. Besides teaching you how to fire your gun (or one of ours) safely, we will teach you to hit a target at 15 feet using shooting fundamentals, how to properly load/unload your gun and most importantly gun safety rules for handling, using and storing a gun. This is our shortest and most affordable firearms course.

To be honest, I have never seen a “Florida Concealed Carry Class” ever teach someone the skills one actually needs to know to carry a gun concealed. This is a marketing ploy many use to get you to come to their class. A true “Concealed Carry” class teaches one how to draw and reholster a gun from under a cover garment. This is where gun owners are at greatest risk of shooting themselves or others. We teach those skills in our Every Day Carry Course or the NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Course.

That said, our FLCWL class will leave you prepared to fire a gun safely and hit what you are aiming at. It also exceeds the requirement to apply for your Florida FLCWL.

If you already own a gun you may bring it to shoot. Please bring at least 50 rounds of new manufactured ammunition (no reloaded ammo) but please don’t bring live ammo into the classroom. We can also rent you one of our handguns and provide ammunition for a small fee. We will provide you eye and ear protection. Wear a shirt that will prevent hot brass from dropping down it and closed toe shoes.

Request Information:

Florida Concealed Weapons License Class

I wish to enroll in a Florida Concealed Weapons License (FLCWL) Class. I understand the course is designed to provide me a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation to one specific type of pistol. The course is at least three hours long including classroom and range time. The course is $60 excluding range fees, ammunition or gun rentals. I will be invoiced separately. (Please comment in the comment section if you would like to rent a pistol and ammunition. We have pistols in just about every caliber and the range also has rental pistols and ammunition.)
  • See calendar page for class dates or request private course.
  • We will e-mail you an invoice for the class fee