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W2TF Holsters & How to Draw from One Class

Pricing Information: $80 2-3 Hrs.

Course Information:

W2TF Holsters & How to Draw from One Class

It’s ironic that almost all “Concealed Carry Permit Classes” fail to teach the student how to actually carry concealed.  We address holster selection, maximizing gun concealment and most critically how to draw and holster your firearm

While many gun owners know about the potential for a firearms accident while cleaning their gun most don’t realize most accidents happen when drawing or holstering a pistol.  This is an opportunity to safely and properly learn and start practicing this important and potentially dangerous skill. Beyond basic safety, trigger finger discipline and marksmanship, THIS is the most important skill for responsible every day carry (EDC).

The focus of this class is to provide the law abiding student who wishes to lawfully carry a concealed firearm the knowledge to be able to select a holster and safely draw a pistol from it.  Students are not required to have a concealed carry license but are required to be law abiding citizens or legal permanent residents.  Legal ownership of a gun (a reciept), a concealed carry license or a background check is required.

This class requires no ammunition.  You are encouraged to bring your holster (and a CASED UNLOADED gun) if you have one.  If you would like we’ll give you a free assessment of that holster and tell you its advantages and disadvantages.

If you don’t have a holster no problem.  We’ll have some for you to try and practice with using our training guns.

Completion of a pistol course/military experience and completing the holster class qualifies you to participate in our drill sessions.


The 2-3 hour course consists of two parts.

Part I Holster Class Subjects

  • Minimum Safe Standard
  • Holster Factors
  • Holsters Types, Advantages/Disadvantages of; outside the waitband, inside the waistband, small of back, crossdraw, shoulder, ankle, pocket, clothes w/built in holsters
  • Off Body Concealed Carry; fannypack, purse/messengerbag,


Part II  Practical Exercise & Practice

  • Safety in Drawing
  • The Five Step Drawstroke
  • Executing the drawstroke with a t-shirt & other overgarment
  • Practice

Request Information:

Holsters & How to Draw From One

  • I would like to enroll in a W2TF Holsters & How to Draw from One class. I understand the two hour class is $75. I will be invoiced separately. I will note my preferred method of carry and dates available in the notes section below. (If I do not I will be contacted to coordinate those details.)
  • See calendar page for class dates, or request private course.
  • We will e-mail you an invoice for the class fee